Crises as Change Agents: From the TechWreck to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Crises as Change Agents: From the TechWreck to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Executive Summary

In the first two decades of this century, we have witnessed several crises that have dramatically changed the way businesses are run and have pushed most companies to an ever-increasing reliance on technology. In this article, we look at practices and technology changes that COVID-19 is forcing onto Capital Markets businesses. These include the impacts due to “work from home” mandates, the unanticipated and challenging new security considerations, and the specific demands on Capital Markets systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic will inevitably have a drastic impact on companies and their cultures, but steps can be taken to alleviate some of the pain and to address the acute problems. These include steps to get everyone connected and communicating, to make or accelerate plans for migration to the cloud, and to accelerate the automation journey. Read More →

About Risk Focus

At Risk Focus, our business is to help overcome challenges like these.  We help firms with tactical response, moving workloads and data to AWS; we also work with clients on strategic response, creating migration plans, creating landing zones, and starting DevOps and Cloud transformation with concrete steps that benefit our clients. We can help with initial assessments; security reviews re-architecture and migration of business-critical applications (e.g., trading, risk, reporting) and infrastructure (e.g., streaming systems, data-rich systems).

We are proud to be a part of the large partner ecosystem offered by AWS. AWS offers a variety of financial incentives for organizations that are just beginning their cloud journey as well as those for organizations that are well on their way with cloud technologies.