Application Refactoring & DevOps Implementation for Industry-Leading Regulatory Reporting Solution

Due to business developments, we needed to quickly evacuate our data center. Risk Focus moved us quickly into the cloud and re-engineered our development and deployment processes, allowing us to become more agile and increase delivery velocity. Moreover, they helped us deliver our first SaaS offering and onboard our first clients quickly and seamlessly. The key differentiator that Risk Focus brought to the table is the unique combination of deep domain knowledge coupled with technical expertise and delivery excellence.
Brian Lynch
CEO, RegTek.Solutions
A Bloomberg company

About RegTek.Solutions

RegTek.Solutions, now part of Bloomberg, is one of the premier software providers in the Regulatory Reporting space with 15 of the 20 largest global banks as customers. RegTek.Solutions provides modular software solutions built around actionable regulatory intelligence.

The Challenge

  • RegTek’s software was developed and tested inside its own datacenter, with VMs running on a small set of Hyper-V racks. The software was delivered exclusively to run inside its clients’ data centers as binary artifacts, but RegTek was also asked by clients to offer some of its products as a SaaS offering.
  • Create a fully-automated CI/CD pipeline outside of its datacenter that would allow it to provision environments on demand, build the binary artifacts, and run large-scale testing on its suite of products.
  • Create the ability for RegTek to produce different deployable binary artifacts, both traditional WARs as well as Docker Containers.
  • Create a secure automated ability for it to offer some of its products as a SaaS offering to prospective clients.
  • Onboard its first batch of clients onto the newly-built SaaS offering.

The Solution

The project consisted of three parts:

  • Constructing CI/CD Pipelines
  • SaaS Architecture Design
  • Client Onboarding

We proposed that RegTek move to AWS, and because its software needs to retain the ability to run in any datacenter, we ensured that the software is cloud portable and not tightly bound to the AWS cloud native offerings. Additionally, because of the sensitivity of the data being reported, all SaaS clients had requested complete isolation from one another.

AWS was used to:

  • Create single-tenant VPCs with Oracle RDS instances provisioned for each client, which were created by using CloudFormation templates.
  • Deploy some of the RegTek products as SaaS offerings into separate AWS accounts under an Organization leveraging Consolidated Billing.
  • Send logs to CloudWatch. All access to the deployed resources is monitored by CloudTrail.
  • Achieve resiliency by relying on ELB, Multi-AZ deployments and Auto-scaling groups.

The domain knowledge of Risk Focus was especially useful in Client Onboarding, which RegTek had subcontracted fully to Risk Focus.

This involved:

  • Placing Business Analysts at the client sites to identify the necessary feeds and design their delivery process.
  • Performing required data mappings and enrichment to ensure that the raw trading feeds that were delivered by the client could be submitted to the SDR (Swaps Data Repository) of the DTCC. Additional 3rd party technology used for this solution included: Jenkins Ansible OneLogin for Authentication and Authorization of client users DataDog for monitoring

Results and Benefits

Risk Focus’s work has helped RegTek.Solutions operate a highly successful business that features both client data center installations and a SaaS reporting solution.

In particular:

  • The elasticity provided by AWS allows RegTek develop and test much faster by provisioning and tearing environments down in an automated way.
  • It also allows their clients to keep growing their Financial Services business, while staying compliant and avoiding the hefty fines levied on businesses that do not report in an accurate and timely manner. This allows RegTek.Solutions to provide a higher value service to their clients.

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