APN Advanced Consulting Partner

Risk Focus is an APN Advanced Consulting Partner bringing more than 15 years of DevOps excellence, Application and Data Architecture expertise, and deep Financial Services domain knowledge. Our highly technical practitioners help clients assess, evaluate, architect, and execute cloud adoption programs. We enable successful transformations by remaining focused on the client business objectives.

DevOps and Automation

Accelerate your business agility, productivity, and growth with DevOps and Automation services designed to simplify the provisioning of your infrastructure on AWS, deploy application code, automate software release processes, and monitor your application and infrastructure performance.

Security Assessment and Implementation

Learn to become Secure By Design, and gain the control and confidence you need to operate your business securely and efficiently. We work closely with our customers to asses, advise, implement and remediate their AWS deployments on all layers of the cloud.

Application and Data Migration

Migrating data and applications to AWS requires careful planning, design and execution. Our domain expertise can help you decide what, how, and when to migrate while managing the risk, business continuity, cost efficiency, security and integrity of your data and applications.

Remediation and Improvement

AWS Cloud has become a catalyst for business transformation, innovation, and growth. We can help you build a cloud roadmap that optimizes your existing AWS deployments, builds operational excellence, manages your costs, and refreshes your technology stacks and workloads.

DevOps and Automation

CI/CD Pipeline Buildout and Management

Design, optimize and implement CI/CD pipelines that can help you streamline the entire lifecycle of your software and infrastructure delivery.

Everything as Code

Define every element of your environment as code, across infrastructure, networks, security, and governance.

Automation and Orchestration

Build an end to end automation workflows throughout all layers of your environment on AWS Cloud and reduce complexity and human errors while increasing your velocity and speed.

Enablement, Coaching, and Training

We work with our customers to make sure that what we deliver is what they need and what they can use. This includes coaching training, education, and continuous support.

Tools and Technologies

AWS Services: AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS Code Deploy, AWS CloudFormation

3rd Party Technologies: Jenkins, CircleCI, Bamboo, Terraform, Vault, Ansible, Salt

Security Assessment and Implementation

Secure by Design

We work with our customers to design, architect and implement cloud security models that combine the technology stack, processes, and practices.

Proactive Security Controls

We help customers build monitoring, alerting and event-driven security controls that provide near real-time view of the security state of your cloud

Infrastructure and Data Protection

We help customers understand, evaluate the design and implement security practices that protect the boundaries and exposure of their infrastructure and data on AWS Cloud.

AWS Security Assessments and Reviews

Security Assessment and Reviews are part of the overall AWS Well-Architected Framework Design and Review Service Offerings and are delivered using a thorough process of evaluations and research that integrates the customer’s own security policies and the AWS Security Pillar of the Well-Architected Framework to provide a “gap analysis” between current state and target state.

Tools and Technologies

AWS Services: AWS Well Architected Framework, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, AWS Trusted Advisor

3rd Party Technologies: Splunk, Elk, Grafana

Application and Data Migration

Migration Planning and Readiness Assessments

We work with our customers to define, plan and assess workload and organization readiness for migration and help them align these to their business goals and objectives based on the “6 R” Framework: Re-host, Re- platform, Re-factor/Re-architect, Re-purchase, Retire, and Retain.

Migration Projects Execution and Delivery

We deliver Proof of concepts, Pilots and All-in Cloud migration projects based on proven and tested patterns that ensure migration success and ramp-up of customer’s cloud adoption journey.

Application Refactoring

Leveraging advanced migration principles of refactoring, we re-architect our client’s applications to become cloud-native thereby exploiting the pace of cloud innovation and cost reduction while increasing performance, resilience and responsiveness.

Secure Data Migration

We enable customers to migrate their data to the AWS cloud in a secure, efficient and compliant manner leveraging AWS Services and 3rd party tools for database migration, data compression, data masking and data virtualization.

Tools and Technologies

AWS Services: AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Server Migration Service, AWS Snowball, AWS Storage Gateway

3rd Party Technologies: Delphix, Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher, Lambda

Remediation and Improvement

Well-Architected Reviews

We help our customers build continuous improvement and growth strategies using AWS Well-Architected Framework and remediation planning. Learn More

Technology Refresh

Prevent technology debt by evaluating and implementing the right technology stack for your workloads, skill sets, processes, budgets, and business objectives.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Untangle the complexity of cloud consumption-based pricing models by implementing cost management practices that deliver a predictable cost model and can reduce your cloud spend.

Business Continuity

We help our customers design and build business continuity strategies that leverage operational excellence and built-in AWS Services in a multi-cloud business landscape.

Tools and Technologies

AWS Services: Well Architected Framework Tools, Inspector, Auto Remediation

Risk Focus understood our business and had the right technical expertise to design and execute a modern serverless architecture. This allowed us to increase agility, improve resiliency and cut costs at the same time.  They were able to engineer and rebuild the core of our platform in timeframes that were so compressed, that we did not believe were possible. Risk Focus replaced a low-cost outsourcing firm but proved to be much better value for money due to their expertise, productivity and ownership of delivery. They were committed to our success and were obsessed with automation, security and the total cost of ownership of the deliverable.

More impressively, they worked as true partners to our organization and helped us build out our teams, processes and IT infrastructure

Eram Schlegel
CTO, CFRA Research

Due to business developments, we needed to quickly evacuate our data center. Risk Focus moved us quickly into the cloud and re-engineered our development and deployment processes, allowing us to become more agile and increase delivery velocity. Moreover, they helped us deliver our first SaaS offering and onboard our first clients quickly and seamlessly. The key differentiator that Risk Focus brought to the table is the unique combination of deep domain knowledge coupled with technical expertise and delivery excellence

Brian Lynch
CEO, RegTek.Solutions, A Bloomberg company

Given the extreme time pressure that we were under to deliver a mission-critical platform, together with Risk Focus we decided to use AWS for Development, QA, and UAT which proved to be the right move, allowing us to hit the ground running. The Risk Focus team created a strong partnership with my team to deliver the project.

Maja Schwob
CIO, Data Services, Deutsche Börse

Partnership is crucial. By choosing the right people…that are deeply technical, [Risk Focus] allowed us to shorten what would have been a two year project and deliver it in one.

Graeme Peacock
CIO Technology Enterprise Service, TD Bank

Risk Focus delivered excellent technical staff with deep knowledge of and insight into the operations and applications of Amazon Web Services, and strong governance and oversight of projects with effective use of AGILE methodologies. The Risk Focus team was able to quickly understand the complexity of our on-prem environment and apply their experience with other customers to guide our solution. Most importantly, the Risk Focus team created a strong partnership with my team to deliver the project.

Managing Director
Head of Development and Application Support

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