AWS Well-Architected Review

The Well-Architected Framework has been developed by AWS to help cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their application. The Framework provides a consistent approach for customers and partners to evaluate architectures, and implement designs that will scale over time.

The 5 Well Architected Pillars

No two companies are alike in their cloud journey, and RiskFocus knows that. The AWS Well Architected Framework is designed to target specific ares of focus based on your specific business needs.

Operational Excellence

Continuously running and monitoring systems, improving processes and procedures, and automating changes to meet the needs of your business.


Protecting and ensuring that your information systems are secure while maintaining data integrity and privacy.


Leveraging automation to increase your ability to prevent and quickly recover from infrastructure disruptions while meeting customer demand.

Performance Efficiency

Using IT and computing resources to optimize and maintain the efficiently of y our resources.

Cost Optimization

Maximizing outcomes and ROI by optimizing resources, making sure you only pay based on business needs.

why risk focus?

Better Cloud Practices

The AWS Well Architected Framework is designed to ensure the continued availability, reliability, performance and security of your systems running in AWS. It provides a way to consistently measure your architectures against best practices and identify areas for improvement.

Our domain knowledge and expertise

We leverage our database knowledge and expertise, with a focus in financial services, to ensure the Well Architected Framework meets the requirements of your business through a business centered approach.

It’s not an audit

Our process is conversation, not an audit. Through our light-weight approach we accomplish a deep-dive into your business needs that identifies critical issues while providing tangible solutions.

Our Process for Success

Our process uses the Well-Architected Framework Review to identify and remediate your current solutions to drive future success within the AWS Cloud. We give a direct look into not only what’s currently working, but also what can be improved. Then, offer clear next steps to transform your cloud experience.

Interview and Identify

We start preparation material, including architecture and scheduling before interviewing key stakeholders. Next, a series of questions help us identify the workload and needs.


After, we identify the workload and needs, we present and review a series of areas that you’ll need to address to fix security, streamline waste, and improve performance.


Finally, you receive a remediation plan with specific milestones, tailored directly to your business needs.

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