The Risk Focus Way

The Risk Focus Way is a set of values that we share and apply to our work. We are always looking for smart, motivated problem solvers that share our values and are ready to join a growing organization that solves real world problems with the newest technologies.


We value ability to learn over specific product expertise. Products and technologies change fast, but good engineers can master them quickly and leapfrog anyone.


We value the commitment to the team over individual productivity. Our projects are always too big for anyone person to deliver. It’s the team velocity that matters, not the individual contributions.


We value honesty and transparency. Things are frequently harder than they look, but if we communicate risks and new information with our team and our clients, we can always work around any new obstacles. Our perfect track record of delivery is a testament to that.


We value the commitment to delivery. Circumstances change, but we frequently work with client projects that have immovable dates and our commitment to our clients is that we will always deliver.