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Installation Guide

The following guide explains the system requirements, installation process, and configuration for APIX.XL™.

Users wishing to connect APIX.XL™ to APIX.Hub™ or an API gateway should read the Connecting to an API Repository guide.

Administrative Rights

Installation of APIX.XL™ requires local admin rights on the machine. Without local admin rights APIX.XL™ cannot be installed.

System Requirements

  1. Windows 7 or later 
  2. Microsoft Excel 2010 or later 
  3. .Net Framework 4.6 or later
  4. Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime 2010

Downloading the Installation File

An executable installation file (.exe) is made available for the user to download from a unique URL. The download URL is emailed to the user once they complete the following webform. (If the user doesn’t receive an email in their inbox, they should check their spam folder; links may not be clickable unless they are in the user’s inbox.) Upon visiting the URL, a ZIP file containing the installation file will be downloaded to the user’s PC.

    Installing APIX.XL™ 

    Once the ZIP file containing the installation file is downloaded to the user’s PC, they will need to do the following:

    1. Open the downloaded ZIP file and click on the .exe file.
    1. The user will be prompted to extract or run the file. Click the Extract all button.
    1. Select desired destination, check the box next to Show extracted files when complete, and click the Extract button. 
    1. Once the files gave been extracted, the user will be shown the extracted files on their PC. Double-click the executable installation file (.exe). 
    1. If an Open File popup or a Windows PC Protection window arises, click the Run button. 
    1. Read and accept the End User License Agreement.
    1. Click the Install button to initiate installation. 
    1. Once installation is complete, the window will refresh with a success message. Click the Close button to exit. 

    Configuring Microsoft Excel

    APIX.XL™ requires adjusting Excel’s Trust Center Settings. The following steps are required to adjust these settings:

    1. Click on the File tab of the Excel ribbon.
    1. Click the Options tab in the bottom left-hand menu. This will open the Options window. 
    1. Select the Trust Center tab in the left-hand menu and then click the Trust Center Settings button. This will open the Trust Center window. 
    1. Click on the Macro Settings tab in the left-hand menu and check Trust access to the VBA project object model.
    1. The user will be returned to the Trust Center window. Click the OK button to return to Excel.


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