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Connecting to an API Repository

APIX.XL™ can be connected to an API repository such as APIX.Hub™ or an API Gateway.

The following guide allows the user to connect to the API repository of their choice as well as provides additional information about connecting and logging in to APIX.Hub™.

Connecting to an API Gateway

Connecting to APIX.Hub™

Connecting APIX.XL™ to an API Gateway

The following parameters are required to connect APIX.XL™ to an API gateway:

  1. Endpoint for all Swaggers – API gateway endpoint which returns all Swagger documents/urls in a JSON array (If the user does not have an endpoint for all Swaggers, they should consult documentation on Loading an API Locally and Configuring API Authentication.) 
  1. Token endpoint – API gateway OAuth2 token endpoint URL 
  1. Client_id –  API gateway OAuth2 client_id 
  1. Client_secret – API gateway OAuth2 client_secret 
  1. Client_scope – API gateway OAuth2 client_scope 

If the above parameters are met, the user can follow these steps to connect APIX.XL™ to their API Gateway: 

  1. Click on the Configure API Gateway button, which is located in the Quickstart Gateway section of the APIX.XL ribbon
  1. In the configuration form, enter the API endpoint URL, Token URL, Client Id, Client Secret, and Scope (if applicable). Click the Save button. 
  1. If the provided values are valid, APIX™ will connect to the user’s API gateway, fetch and process the Swagger document, and display the function-selector screen. Up to three API endpoints can be selected to be added as functions in Excel.
  1. Select the API endpoints to include and click the ADD FUNCTIONS TO EXCEL button. A confirmation popup window will display once the functions are added to Excel. 
  1. Endpoints from a Swagger will display under one category. For instance, three endpoints were selected in total and two were part of Swagger A and one was part of swagger B, the two from swagger A will display under one category and the one from B will display under a different category in Excel. In this case, the category name will start with “qs.” 

Connecting APIX.XL™ to APIX.Hub™

The following steps allow the user to connect APIX.XL™ to APIX.Hub™:

  1. Click on the Configure APIX.Hub button, which is located in the QUICKSTART APIX.HUB section of the APIX.XL ribbon.
  1. Provide the Hostname for the APIX.Hub™ provisioned in the user’s AWS account and click the SAVE button.
  1. A confirmation popup window will indicate that the host was successfully saved. Click the OK button to close the confirmation popup. Login is now enabled.

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