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Excel Ribbon and Advanced Features

Excel Ribbon

In addition to dynamic service functions and utility functions, APIX.XL™ comes with a new ribbon in Excel that can be accessed through the APIX.XL tab. Based on whether the user has a free or enterprise installation, buttons in the ribbon may differ.

Free-Installation Ribbon 

Enterprise-Installation Ribbon 

Common Buttons 
This section of the ribbon provides access to support, contact information, product release information, and the APIX.XL™ log file, which can be useful when investigating issues. 
Reload Button 
The Reload button allows the user to reload APIs as native Excel functions. 
Private Buttons 
This section of the ribbon enables the user to load and manage APIs. 
Manage API Auth Button 
 This button allows the user to manage API authentication settings. 
Quick Start Buttons 
This section of the ribbon enables the user to configure APIX.Hub™ or an API Gateway. 
Login/Logout Button 
If authentication is enabled, this button allows the user to log in against APIX.Hub™. 
Recalculate Buttons 
This section of the ribbon enables the user to quickly recalculate all functions in all workbooks open in the current instance of Excel or all functions in the currently selected workbook. 
This section of the ribbon enables the user to automatically trigger recalculation on a worksheet for a certain time interval. 
API Versions Button 
This button allows the user to manage multiple versions of APIs. 

Additional APIX.XL™ Features

Handles for a Large Amount of Data 
When the amount of data returned by a service is too large to fit inside an Excel cell, the service data is stored in the workbook and a handle string is returned in the cell in its place. The cell can still be referenced by other utility functions normally, which will operate on the service as expected. 
Named Ranges 
Each of the render functions displays the data in the Excel range and also creates a named range for it. 

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