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Equities Trading & The Cloud:
A Webinar Series

About the Program

Equities Trading & The Cloud is a three-part virtual event series exploring Instinet’s Digital Transformation with Risk Focus and the AWS Cloud.

The Webinars

Part 1

Pre-Migration Strategy Formation

Part 2

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Part 3

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    About the Content

    The cloud offers businesses the ability to unlock, amplify, and integrate enterprise-scale data like never before. Cloud capabilities like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) now allow businesses to apply real-time analytics, accelerate decision-making, and enhance the execution of business processes.

    The fast pace of Equities Trading offers an ideal context to leverage advanced cloud technology. The question becomes: How do institutional investors use the cloud to add value to each trade without introducing unwanted latency, security and compliance issues, or systemic risk?

    Panelists from Risk Focus, Instinet, and AWS draw insight from Instinet’s cloud journey, offering a candid discussion about the challenges, opportunities, and emerging best practices around taking Equities Trading to the cloud.

    Discussion Topics

    • How do you prepare and manage the disparate teams that are involved—both operationally and culturally—and what does it mean to form a “cloud culture”?
    • What are some common approaches to moving massive amounts of on-prem historical data, and how are security and compliance being addressed in the process? 
    • What are some of the key benefits to moving data off premises?
    • Is a cloud strategy critical to the development of ML and AI? How and why?
    • What is the best way to formulate a strategy for identifying the right goals and KPIs?
    • What are the pre-, during, and post-migration steps for Quant and Execution teams, the technology organization, product management, and operations?
    • How should you break the cloud journey down into achievable, incremental steps over a migration time horizon?
    • How do you create a strategy for applying the cloud to new, advanced offerings and services—including ML and AI capabilities? How can you be sure you’re building effective solutions to real problems, versus “solutions in search of problems”?


    Irene Aldridge


    Cornell University




    Minor Huffman

    Chief Technology Officer

    Instinet Incorporated

    Peter Meulbroek

    Partner, Head of DevOps and Cloud Solutions

    Risk Focus

    Peter Williams

    Global Head of Financial Services,
    Partner Technology

    Amazon Web Services

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