Risk Solutions

Our clients demand full control over portfolios, market data, analytics and visualizations used in daily trading risk management. Our solutions incorporate componentized service architectures, using vendor and proprietary implementations, delivered agile as transparent supportable solutions.

Trade Solutions

Post trade regulatory reporting is at the forefront of every capital markets business. We provide custom solutions that provide a front-to-back view of the trade life cycle with operational intelligence controls that support proactive monitoring of regulatory compliance requirements.

Domain: Credit, Market, Liquidity, Margin and Collateral
Solutions: CVA, VaR, Stress, Funding, Margin, Limits

Regulations: SFTR, MiFIR, EMIR RTS, Dodd-Frank
Solutions: Intra-Day Reporting, Data Quality, Completeness and Accuracy

The Risk Focus Way

The Risk Focus Way is a set of principles and best practices that we use in all our engagements, regardless of business domain.

  • Discover

    Understand our client's existing processes and systems via health-checks reviews executed by our Subject Matter Experts. Recommend a strategic vision that aligns our client's plans for business growth with technology innovation.

  • Scalable

    Build "cloud friendly" solutions capable of delivering a secure, cost effective and cloud agnostic platform. Use service API stores based on open source standards to catalog, control and reuse solution software assets.

  • Integrate

    Implement configurable access to multiple sources of data using data factory patterns. Incorporate message driven orchestration of complex workloads across analytics and rule engine farms.

  • Agile

    We use week-long sprints that allow for the prompt discovery of hidden requirements and also deliver business value with each sprint.

  • Visualize

    Provide multi-dimensional visualization of big data result sets driven using a centralized aggregation platform. Deliver UI agnostic solutions capable of supporting legacy and cutting edge visual tools.

  • Test-Driven

    Our implementations include automated unit and integration tests, so that each sprint gives a firm foundation for the next


  • RegTek

    RegTek Solutions - Targeting Quality, Completeness, Accuracy and Transparency, RegTek.Solutions mutualises the cost and shoulders the burden of tracking and implementing critical regulatory reporting solutions.

  • ActiveViam

    ActiveViam - A precision data analytics platform to help organizations make better decisions, faster.

  • OpenGamma-LogoWebV1-X2

    OpenGamma – Driving down trading costs and increasing returns

  • OpenFinLogo

    OpenFin – The Operating System of Finance

  • FinCad

    Fincad – Integrated Solutions for Multi-Asset Portfolio and Risk Management

  • Xignite

    Xignite – Market Data made easy via API and distribution solutions

  • RedisLabs

    By leveraging this market-leading in-memory Database and Distributed Cache, our Redis Labs Center of Excellence brings expertise and implementation teams that deliver low-latency platforms.

  • Filler_logo

  • confluent_logo

    Our Confluent Kafka Center of Excellence brings expertise and implementation teams that deliver scalable, streaming architectures and applications.

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