Our Partners


    Real-time aggregation and post processing of Big Data with rich, dynamic analytics are fundamental capabilities of next generation Enterprise Risk Management solutions. Active Pivot is an in-memory OLAP engine that meets these needs and integrates seamlessly into new and existing client architectures.  ActivePivot offers:

    • Massive In-Memory scalability – Horizontal and Polymorphic scalability
    • OLAP Server – flexible aggregation and slice-and-dice visualization
    • Real-time – brings the flexibility of OLAP to real-time applications
    • Dynamic Post Processing Analytics – including non-linear solutions (e.g. VaR, CVA)

    Risk Focus offers specialist implementation services supported by experienced resources. We have invested in tooling to support the robust integration and management of ActivePivot in a front-to-back Risk Architecture.


    OpenGamma offers an enterprise scale, open source, unified solution for pre-trade analytics, intra-day portfolio risk and end-of-day reporting.

    • Live – Risk engine delivers tick by tick reporting to the front end tools
    • Flexible analytics – Built in analytics library & open API to plug-in 3rd party libraries
    • Open model – Easily integrate trade and market data feeds
    • Development platform – Rich integration points to build out custom solutions

    Risk Focus is an OpenGamma Global Solutions Partner. We see the open, component based architecture as a complimentary toolkit to the custom build and implementation skills that we bring to clients, allowing us to deliver scalable risk solutions.


    Clients are looking to HTML5 as a strategic UI technology choice. OpenFin solves some of their biggest concerns, including:

    • Browser compatibility
    • Security and compliance
    • Native desktop experience
    • Migration and future-proofing

    OpenFin provides finance-grade technology for running HTML5 desktop applications. The company’s patent-pending runtime software enables web applications to run outside the browser and is tailored to meet the strict security and compliance requirements of financial institutions. Founded in 2010 by financial technology veterans, OpenFin is headquartered in New York.

    Splunk® Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK) provides the engine for machine data™. Splunk software collects, indexes and harnesses the massive machine data continuously generated by the websites, applications, servers, networks and mobile devices that power business. Splunk software enables organizations to monitor, search, analyze, visualize and act on massive streams of real-time and historical machine data. More than 4,000 enterprises, universities, government agencies and service providers in over 80 countries use Splunk Enterprise to gain operational intelligence that deepens business understanding, improves service and uptime, reduces cost and mitigates cyber-security risk.

    Risk Focus is a reseller partner and implementer of Splunk solutions. We use Splunk extensively to manage our own internal infrastructure and SDLC. The ability to mine your machine data and produce useful monitoring, diagnostic and predictive analytics is the next wave of technology innovation.

    Kaazing enables the Living Web – the dynamic, interactive online world populated by real-time applications that are always on. At the heart of the Living Web is Kaazing WebSocket Gateway, the world’s first high-performance Web communication platform, offering:

    • Instantaneous data delivery with near-zero latency
    • Slashes costs for hardware, application server software, and network bandwidth usage
    • Allows desktop-class applications to run in browsers and on mobile devices
    • Slashes development costs and time-to-market
    • Delivers enterprise-grade scalability, reliability, resiliency and security
    • Is based entirely on Web standards
    Risk Focus leverages Kaazing to provide real-time, push notifications to its Web interfaces.