Press release – Announcing our Pittsburgh Development Center

17 Sep, 2018
Press release – Announcing our Pittsburgh Development Center

Risk Focus Joins Thriving Tech Hub in Pittsburgh

September 17, New York, NY and Pittsburgh, PA: Risk Focus, a consulting firm providing specialized business domain and technology implementations, announces the opening of their new Development Center in Pittsburgh. Risk Focus, founded in 2004, has an established international presence with headquarters in New York City and offices in London, Frankfurt, Toronto and Riga. For the past few years, Risk Focus has focused on expanding their Riga development team with great success attracting world-class developers. The company aims to repeat that achievement and extend its capabilities to meet the growing needs of its North American clients by opening a new development center in Pittsburgh.

Why Pittsburgh? This vibrant, innovative city has a deep pool of technical talent, drawn in by world-class universities, an affordable cost of living, and diverse tech community that has made it a top “NextTech” city. Pittsburgh was recently selected as the #2 Most Livable in the US with a wide variety of museums, rich performing and fine arts communities, perennially winning professional sports teams, and a paradise for foodies.

Pittsburgh combines an existing base of developers who know enterprise with a strong startup community that pairs well with the needs of its North American customers. Peter Meulbroek, Global Head of DevOps Solutions for Risk Focus said, “We view Pittsburgh as a highly-strategic expansion. The city is a high-tech research powerhouse that generates an exceptional level of talent, combined with a strong penchant for reinventing itself.”

The Risk Focus partners have deep ties into Pittsburgh. Tara Ronel, the new Head of Pittsburgh DevOps Solutions is a native Pittsburgher, as are several other Partners. The Risk Focus leadership believes in the community, its innovative culture, deep talent pool and growth opportunities, and expects the company to have a bright future there.

Ms. Ronel summed up the Pitt-RF match, saying, “Pittsburgh and Risk Focus have so much to offer each other. We’re excited to be a part of this dynamic city as it continually evolves and innovates. We’re here for the long haul and look forward to our mutual next generation tech advancements.”

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