For Immediate Release
Tara Ronel
August 14, 2019

[New York, NY, August 14, 2019] – Risk Focus, a leading technology consultancy for financial services, is pleased to announce that Alex Rabaev has joined the company from Goldman Sachs to lead its CAT Regulatory Reporting Services Practice.

Risk Focus delivers Regulatory Reporting Advisory Services, Health Checks, and Large-Scale Implementations to help investment firms comply with regulations and respond to audits. Risk Focus has a long track record in Regulatory Reporting, including the development and spinoff of RegTek.Solutions (recently acquired by Bloomberg), the development of the MIFIDII APA for the Deutsche Börse, and numerous implementations at Tier 1 and Tier 2 investment banks, exchanges and industry utilities.

Rabaev will oversee CAT engagements, which span the following: Health Check, Requirements Analysis, OATS to CAT gap analysis, Rule Interpretation, Creation of Firm Designated ID (FDID), Product and Event Eligibility, Data Mapping and Traceability, Report Generation, Acceptance Criteria, Testing, Controls and Error Correction, and Transition to BAU.

“The deadline for CAT is looming and many of the market participants are remarkably unprepared. CAT does not represent an incremental change, but rather a transformational one for everyone. Additionally, CAT adds a reporting requirement for companies who have never had to report before.

I am excited to join Risk Focus, because we are able to do both the advisory and implementation work that is required to meet the regulatory deadlines. The timing is also perfect, because the industry is starting to embrace the pubic cloud, and we believe this will be the fastest and most economical (and sometimes the only) way to become compliant in time.”

Alex Rabaev

Head of CAT Reporting Practice, Risk Focus


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