The APIX Solution consists of the following components:
APIX Templates
Develop API

Language agnostic micro-service templates to accelerate API development and publishing into any Swagger API repository
Publish API

API document store for registering, discovering and accessing APIs, based on Open API standards (Swagger specification)
Consume API (Excel®)

Lightweight, static, desktop plugin for real time access to APIs in Excel® as functions, plus tools for rendering the API output

APIX Enterprise Architecture

Enabling your Excel® applications extract value from internal and 3rd party software assets


Excel® is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. References to Microsoft Products in no way implies any Microsoft sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of Risk Focus Inc., or of our products or services.

APIX Benefits

Alleviates Risk and Compliance concerns around critical Excel® applications
Enables development of lightweight Excel® applications that take advantage of enterprise Service Oriented Architectures
Reduces packaging and deployment frequency of Excel® macros to user desktops
Allows Excel® to become a data consumer, not an enterprise data source
Native use of Excel® functions to access RESTful APIs / Web Services
Seamless auto discovery and integration of new APIs
Accelerated development, publishing and real time availability of new APIs
Language agnostic (Python, Java, C#, Go) business logic services available through a searchable API inventory list
Leverages Swagger, the world’s most popular API framework, fully Open Source
Accessibility and Reusability of an enterprise API platform across mobile and cloud applications

The Excel® Paradox

Excel® is easy to use, flexible and powerful, making it ubiquitous on the Financial Services desktop.


Excel® is also singled out by Regulators and Enterprise IT as a dangerous tool, creating unacceptable, sometimes unmanageable risks.


Not an Enterprise Data Management Tool
  • Uncontrolled retrieval and storage of data into insecure and unaudited local stores
No version control for critical plugin applications
  • Plugin architecture is insecure and not centrally controlled, causes duplication and divergence
High Release management overhead
  • Frequent packaging and distribution to multiple desktops is onerous and error prone
Poor Performance and Scalability
  • Bottlenecks and failures when trying to process extra-large data sets

Can APIX help you?

Do you have Risk and Compliance concerns around Excel® applications?
Is your data being managed in Excel®?
Are your Excel® applications bloated with unaudited macros?
Do you have to package and deploy Excel® plugins to user desktops frequently?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions, then APIX could help you.

Please contact for more information.