Executive Summary

Though Splunk and ELK offer similar features, choosing the ideal solution for a specific enterprise depends heavily on the use-case being contemplated and the organization’s capacity to integrate and build on top of technology platforms.

Splunk offers robust commercial level support and a broader set of plugins/apps than ELK. These offerings can lower the effort required to integrate Splunk into an enterprise and use it across a broad set of use-cases. For organizations with narrower requirements, ELK offers a compelling solution, with support for numerous data sources with standard plugins and apps. ELK’s open source nature allows teams capable of developing plugin code to build an excellent customized solution on the ELK platform.

In this paper, we evaluate Splunk and Elastic (ELK) along criteria that are relevant to medium and large-scale organizations. These include ease of adoption, integration into a heterogenous compute environment, scalability, support for public cloud infrastructure monitoring, performance, total cost of ownership, and features relevant to use cases of value for our clients.

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– Why aggregate logs?
– Executive Summary
– Feature Set Comparison
– Ingestion/Integration Add-Ons/Adapters
– Applications/Pre-built reports
– Performance
– Maintainability and Scaling
– Cloud Offering
– Support
– Ease of Use and Training
– Total Cost of Ownership/Use
– Conclusion


Subir Grewal


Lloyd Altman


Cary Dym


Peter Meulbroek


Tara Ronel


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