Transform Excel into a digital channel
for the API economy.

Our proprietary APIXTM software platform turns Excel into a true digital channel for API distribution

The APIX™-enabled Excel experience provides:

  • Rich user experiences using Cloud services similar to a browser runtime
  • Seamless support for vendor APIs in Excel as native functions
  • Decoupling between Excel and data sources
  • The ability to combine proprietary and vendor data to derive new datasets

You gain internal and external benefits:

  • Quants develop prototypes quickly in Excel
  • CIOs centralize functions and reduce operational risk
  • Expose APIs to your Excel users and gain traction quickly
  • Increase the stickiness of your offerings

The APIX™ platform consists of two components:

  • APIX.XL – a downloadable desktop plugin that can expose APIs as native Excel functions, and includes authentication and connectivity to API gateways
  • APIX Hub Developer Portal – a collection of services that enriches your Excel user experience, including downloadable desktop apps with the ability to push notification and collect app usage metrics