Business and technology depth to deliver the applications you need.

We’ve achieved a perfect delivery track record by taking ownership of client outcomes.

We believe that successful outcomes require technology expertise, a thorough understanding of business problems, and a disciplined implementation process.


Core Offerings

Risk Management

• Introducing self-service risk management flows by delivering custom views, visualization, and insights on demand
• Accelerating real-time risk calculations with streaming architectures
• Enabling the development and back-testing of new proprietary and vendor analytics

Trading and Banking

• Migrating legacy platforms to modern streaming architectures
• Decreasing latency and delivering real-time analytics to traders and portfolio managers
• Enabling efficient and timely regulatory reporting

Application Modernization

• Refactoring for cloud and enabling migrations
• Designing and implementing API architectures for internal and external use
• Implementing microservice architectures that help manage complexity and enable reuse

Learn More

We re-engineered CFRA’s equity publishing platform, reducing their data and software costs by 90%.

We developed APIX™ to enable Tudor to integrate APIs directly into Excel without worrying about writing and managing code.

Flagship Application Migration

We migrated a market-leading fund administrator’s flagship application after two other firms failed to deliver results.

We enabled RegTek.Solutions to deliver its first SaaS offering.

A Top 3 US Bank

Our APIX™ platform enabled a Top 3 US Bank to create an Open Banking delivery channel for its customers’ treasury departments.

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