Business and technology depth to deliver the applications you need.

At Risk Focus, we take ownership of your outcome.

We thoroughly analyze business problems and apply a disciplined approach to resolving them, informed by cutting-edge technologies and our deep capital markets experience. We take pride in delivering comprehensive working solutions that address your needs and advance your objectives.

We support major process and system changes:


Core Offerings


• Implementing micro-service architectures that help manage complexity and enable reuse, using vendor and proprietary implementations
• Moving to a self-service model that delivers custom views, visualization, and insights on demand
• Accelerating real-time risk calculations with streaming architectures
• Leveraging the cloud for on-demand scalability, simultaneously reducing costs and computation time

Trading and Banking

• Migrating legacy platforms to modern streaming architectures
• Decreasing latency and delivering real-time analytics to traders and portfolio managers
• Reducing the footprint of key platforms to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
• Leveraging the cloud for on-demand scalability, reducing costs and computation time simultaneously

Digital Transformation

• Designing API architectures that deliver maximum value to internal and external customers
• Delivering across the full lifecycle of services and API-exposed systems projects
Enabling Excel as a digital channel with our APIXTM software product

Client Success Stories