Accelerating Your LIBOR Transition.

We’re helping firms accelerate their LIBOR transition with methodical system conversion.

As the financial services industry bids farewell to LIBOR, firms now face a 2021 deadline for replacement rates. LIBOR transition timing should correspond to industry timelines while allowing enough time for process and system conversion.

Our conversion methodology helps:

  • Identify and validate LIBOR exposure 
  • Determine SOFR and ARR valuation capability 
  • Provide SOFR product strategy and LIBOR transition 
  • Remediate risk and contractual fallback language 
  • Instill operations and technology readiness 
  • Provide multi-rate pricing capability
  • Facilitate operational process and system conversion with custom DevOps 
  • Prepare accounting valuation and reporting system conversion 
  • Implement regulatory and tax-reporting controls

Our conversion solution follows the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC)’s guidelines described in Internal Systems & Processes: Transition Aid for SOFR Adoption. We’ve refined the ARRC’s 364 project elements and 1200 impact areas to its core elements, creating a streamlined approach that follows the highest industry standards.

We assess your entire business value chain using ARRC guidelines, mapping high-impact areas to remediate high-exposure areas and help ensure a successful transition.