Free your data. And put it to work. Create an iterative feedback loop for future offerings.

Clients value our expertise in leveraging the cloud to transform their data assets into a business advantage.

With an array of higher-level cloud offerings to choose from, we’ll develop the right streaming architecture to suit your business objectives, from providing near-time market signals and predictive analytics to allowing your data to be packaged and distributed to subscribers. As a Confluent Premier Consulting & SI Partner and as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with Financial Services, Migration, and DevOps Competencies, we have the tools, experience, and discipline to help put your data to work.

Our services span the entire lifecycle of a data offering, from ideation to minimal viable product development. Our processes can further help you create a feedback loop to start iterating on a roadmap to future data offerings.

Streaming Architectures

Core Offerings


• Define monetization model by synthesizing your existing strategy, assets, projects, and needs
• Refine model using SWOT analysis and competitive mapping, prioritizing an improvement portfolio that strikes a balance between market opportunity and time to deploy
• Vet improvement portfolio against your technology strategy and integrate with existing product offerings


• Move your applications to a basic streaming architecture that connects real-time feeds to the cloud for processing
• Transform batch and monolithic systems into micro-services that act as analytics on the stream
• Explore higher-level offerings geared toward efficiency, such as seamless distribution with metering and permissioning using API gateways
• Deploy Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), tailoring algorithms to your specific needs
• Enable the distribution of your data to third parties through channels such as AWS Data Exchange


• Demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed architecture through working prototypes
• Achieve rapid development of your go-to-market solution by leveraging our domain and technical expertise
• Migrate legacy platforms to modern streaming architectures in small iterations, refactoring and re-platforming your entire systems ecosystem through incremental steps

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