Free your data. And put it to work. 

Our services span the entire lifecycle of a data offering, from ideation to minimal viable product development. Our processes can further help you create a feedback loop to start iterating on a roadmap to future data offerings.


  • Define monetization model by synthesizing your existing strategy, assets, projects, and needs
  • Refine model using SWOT analysis and competitive mapping, prioritizing an improvement portfolio that strikes a balance between market opportunity and time to deploy
  • Vet improvement portfolio against your technology strategy and integrate with existing product offerings


  • Move your applications to a basic streaming architecture that connects real-time feeds to the cloud for processing
  • Transform batch and monolithic systems into micro-services that act as analytics on the stream
  • Explore higher-level offerings geared toward efficiency, such as seamless distribution with metering and permissioning using API gateways
  • Deploy Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), tailoring algorithms to your specific needs
  • Enable the distribution of your data to third parties through channels such as AWS Data Exchange


  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed architecture through working prototypes
  • Achieve rapid development of your go-to-market solution by leveraging our domain and technical expertise
  • Migrate legacy platforms to modern streaming architectures in small iterations, refactoring and re-platforming your entire systems ecosystem through incremental steps