Leadership team

We have decades of broad and diverse expertise across the capital-markets industry.

Risk Focus leaders come from diverse professional backgrounds, bringing a wide range of skills and expertise with them. Through seamless collaboration, we deliver outcomes that advance your business objectives in powerful ways.

Vassil Avramov


Vassil steers the business and technology direction for Risk Focus. Under his supervision, Risk Focus teams have built trade, risk management, and connectivity platforms for some of the largest banks, hedge funds, and clearinghouses. He co-founded Risk Focus in 2004.

• Started his career in Silicon Valley with one of the pioneers of handwriting recognition, then moved into FinTech as a developer before moving into client management with a risk software vendor
• Founder and board member of RegTek Solutions, a regulatory software solution acquired by Bloomberg in 2019

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Vadim Gelman


Vadim serves as a solution architect and overall delivery lead. He is best at implementing cutting-edge distributed systems and interfacing with the quant and machine learning teams. He co-founded Risk Focus in 2004.

• Founder and board member of RegTek Solutions, a regulatory software solution acquired by Bloomberg in 2019
• Brings decades of risk management and high-performance computing experience

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Srikant Ganesan


Srikant guides the delivery of global technology programs. He draws on his extensive capital-markets knowledge to provide thought leadership to buy- and sell-side clients on their strategic technology initiatives.

• Shaped the UBS trading risk platform across credit and rates desks, delivering the ability to support end-of-day and near-real-time risk computation, aggregation and visualization
• 18 years of experience in hardware and software in telecoms, networking, and capital markets

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Lloyd Altman


Lloyd helps clients realize the best delivery approaches to advance their business objectives. He brings more than 25 years of sales and leadership experience in capital markets.

• Held prior practice leadership positions at Accenture and Random Walk Computing as well as technology leadership positions at J.P. Morgan and Lehman Brothers
• Professional cellist in New York for 8 years before changing careers

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Joel Scotkin


Joel helps drive the direction of Risk Focus and its customer offerings. During his career, he has been instrumental in hundreds of business-critical projects with clients from nearly every major capital-markets company.

• Founder and CEO of Random Walk Computing, one of the leading firms for custom software development and technology strategy services to the capital-markets industry
• Former CEO and current board member of Masten Space Systems, which won the X-prize for vertical takeoff and landing under his leadership

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Peter Meulbroek


Peter sets the cloud computing strategy for Risk Focus. With a strong enterprise delivery background, he brings more than 25 years as a technologist and technology leader. He focuses the practice on client transformation, DevOps adoption, and AWS/cloud to accelerate delivery and decrease risk.

• First introduced to the cloud in 2005, building automated provisioning for Yahoo and founded the DevOps practice at Risk Focus
• Has a career path spanning academia, startups, high-tech, and finance

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Tara Ronel


Tara helps drive Risk Focus expansion across new regions, verticals, and customers.  A delivery-oriented software leader, she has focused on supporting business strategies at start-ups and large enterprises for 20 years.

• Served as CTO, then CEO of SnapRetail, leading a full company restructure, launching a new product line, and expanding the business into a new vertical
• Hired as Google’s first product manager in Pittsburgh, driving development and adoption of new internal technologies to reduce application latency and improve the productivity of engineering teams across the company

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Steve Nieker


Steve ensures operational processes run efficiently while also promoting a human-first culture that brings out the best in Risk Focus talent. He is a veteran tech entrepreneur with almost 30 years of experience growing consulting and product companies.

• Co-founder of Sphere, which established the contextual advertising space prior to its acquisition by AOL
• Co-founder and CTO/COO of AdKeeper, a revolutionary platform that reinvented how consumers interact with online advertising

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Cary Dym


Cary is responsible for seeing that the needs of clients guide Risk Focus day to day. He leads sales and go-to-market strategy as well as manages client and strategic partner relations, including AWS.

• Former VP of sales at Cloudify and Global Cloud Solutions and business development leader at Alcatel-Lucent
• Started his career with AT&T Bell Labs

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