Transforming Excel into a digital channel for the API economy. 

APIX™ is the only Excel Add-in you’ll ever need.  

The APIX™ platform allows Microsoft Excel to be used as a runtime application, enabling the consumption of cloud-based services as native Excel functions.

Whether you want to expose APIs to your clients in Excel or want to consume already exposed APIs, you don’t need to write and support custom plugins.

The APIX™ platform provides the ability to do both. It converts any API with an associated Swagger document into an Excel first-class citizen, allowing you to easily extract and integrate data internally or from third parties. 

With the APIX™ platform, you can: 

Seamlessly expose APIs to Excel users  

Centralize data functions and reduce operational risk  

Develop quantitative prototypes quickly in Excel  

Increase the stickiness of your offerings  

The APIX™ platform consists of two components: 


APIX.XL™ is a Microsoft Excel Add-in that exposes APIs as native Excel functions and includes authentication and connectivity to API gateways. The downloadable desktop plugin converts any API with an associated Swagger document into an Excel first-class citizen. Download the APIX Add-in for free. APIX.XL™ works out-of-the box with Apigee and will seamlessly discover any Swaggerized APIs that are registered with your Apigee API gateway. 


APIX.Hub™ is an optional Swagger repository that can be provisioned for free on the AWS Marketplace. It allows you to manage centrally the APIs that are visible to APIX.XL™. It removes the need to update APIX.XL™ when new APIs are added to the repository or the existing APIs evolve.
*Note that the APIX Add-in can also work directly with various API Gateways such as AWS Gateway, Azure Gateway, etc. To find out more, please contact us.

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