Advance your journey to the cloud with AWS.

We’re an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner delivering on challenging Digital Transformation projects in highly regulated industries.

We’re proud to be among an elite group of AWS Partner Network (APN) members that have achieved the AWS Financial Services Competency.

Combined with our AWS DevOps Competency and our 100+ AWS Certifications, we have the domain expertise and technical skill that uniquely position us to help clients at all stages of their journey to the AWS Cloud.

Our AWS Services


Well-Architected Reviews

Security Reviews

Application Readiness

Immersion Days

We have proven expertise in migrating complex systems and legacy applications to AWS without disrupting the vital activities that make businesses thrive. Our migration process follows AWS best practices outlined the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), moving your workload to the cloud quickly, securely, and in manageable iterations. We’re also part of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), providing our clients with support, training, and potential funding assistance.


  • Inventory your application portfolio or targeted applications, identifying ideal candidates and pathways to move to AWS
  • Map your current infrastructure and services to the AWS resources and services best suited to your needs
  • Design a high-level architecture that meets your business needs
  • Compare total cost of ownership (TCO) of your current  environment vs. AWS


  • Develop a detailed plan to migrate the applications and IT asset, defining timeframe, business and financial constraints, and resource requirements
  • Choose a templating language and DevOps toolkit to automate and standardize infrastructure deployments
  • Build a Landing Zone to meet your organization’s needs, configuring an AWS account structure, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, authentication services, etc.
  • Partner with your infrastructure and development teams to provide training in new technologies, ensuring a smooth eventual handover
  • Define an ideal application architecture for workloads being refactored or newly built


  • Build automated pipelines to provide continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) capability
  • Migrate your workload (development, testing, and production environments) to the AWS Cloud, refactoring as needed to enhance performance, reliability, and efficiency
  • Build instrumentation that provides observability and operational visibility for your  application workloads
  • Train DevOps teams on new technology, tools, and procedures
  • Deploy changes into test and production environments using new CI/CD procedures and tools

We offer remediation and improvement consultations by conducting reviews employing the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF). These reviews weigh key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices to evaluate cloud systems across five pillars: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimization. Most importantly, an AWS WAR provides a clear path for remediation or improvement. Risk Focus provides WARs to clients free of charge.


  • Acquire workload information through a Risk Focus survey and by soliciting architectural diagrams (data flows, components, networking)


  • Review your workload with DevOps, Applications, and Security teams over 1–2 sessions


  • Present findings: what’s at risk, what’s the threat level, and what steps can be taken toward remediation
  • Determine whether the scope of remediation qualifies for AWS funding


  • Prioritize next steps for remediation or improvement based on WAR findings

We offer a structured, 2-to-4–week review that provides a “gap analysis” between your current state of security and the desired state, as defined in the Security Pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. AWS Security Reviews provide an in-depth analysis of your application, infrastructure, processes, and AWS Landing Zone, reviewing:

Identity and Access Management

  • Evaluate authorization and authentication policies

Detective Controls

  •  Evaluate auditing/compensating controls 

Infrastructure Protection

  • Ensure services and workload are protected against unintended and unauthorized access as well as potential vulnerabilities

Data Protection

  • Ensure organizational data is properly classified, protected, and encrypted

Security Incidence Response

  • Evaluate the policy and practice of managing security incidents

We offer a structured, 2-to-4–week review aimed at assessing an application’s technical readiness for release into a production environment. Aligned with the Well-Architected Framework, we assess architecture, security, application validation, and operational readiness.


  • Review requirements, current architecture, cloud-native services, and application infrastructure


  • Review functional, integration, and performance validation

Operational Readiness

  • Review monitoring, change and release management, incident response, and cost efficiency

Led by Risk Focus experts who have built complex systems using AWS, these intensive hands-on sessions offer detailed presentations and labs to improve your firm’s proficiency with AWS resources and services. Participants benefit from the field-tested perspectives of certified AWS professionals.

  • Topics include a general AWS overview, databases, migrations, containers, RedShift, security/compliance, serverless, data lakes, and AI/ML
  • Breakout sessions with solutions architects to support hands-on labs
  • Can be completely virtual or on-site

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