Advancing clients’ business objectives.

Instinet has a long history of innovation and are always looking to adapt new technologies. We connected with Risk Focus to help accelerate our efforts to migrate our platforms to AWS and adopt a more nimble DevOps-first approach. They have been able to leverage their unique technology expertise and understanding of financial services to help us transform our tech operational processes for sustainable future growth.

Minor Huffman

Risk Focus understood our business and had the right technical expertise to design and execute a modern serverless architecture. This allowed us to increase agility, improve resiliency and cut costs at the same time. They were able to engineer and rebuild the core of our platform in timeframes that were so compressed, that we did not believe were possible. Risk Focus replaced a low-cost outsourcing firm but proved to be a much better value for the money due to their expertise, productivity and ownership of delivery. They were committed to our success and were obsessed with automation, security and the total cost of ownership of the deliverable.

More impressively, they worked as true partners to our organization and helped us build out our teams, processes and IT infrastructure.

Eram Schlegel
CFRA Research

Due to business developments, we needed to quickly evacuate our data center. Risk Focus moved us quickly into the cloud and re-engineered our development and deployment processes, allowing us to become more agile and increase delivery velocity. Moreover, they helped us deliver our first SaaS offering and onboard our first clients quickly and seamlessly. The key differentiator that Risk Focus brought to the table is the unique combination of deep domain knowledge coupled with technical expertise and delivery excellence.

Brian Lynch
RegTek.Solutions, a Bloomberg company

Given the extreme time pressure that we were under to deliver a mission-critical platform, together with Risk Focus we decided to use AWS for Development, QA and UAT, which proved to be the right move, allowing us to hit the ground running. The Risk Focus team created a strong partnership with my team to deliver the project.

Maja Schwob
CIO, Data Services
Deutsche Börse

Partnership is crucial. By choosing the right people…that are deeply technical, [Risk Focus] allowed us to shorten what would have been a two-year project and deliver it in one.

Graeme Peacock
CIO, Technology Enterprise Service
TD Bank

We have been partnering with Risk Focus on various initiatives since 2012, and we are excited to have extended our partnership to develop the APIXTM platform. The platform has been extremely successful at Tudor and we trust that Risk Focus will deliver the same success for other capital markets clients.

Miriam Roiter
Chief Technology Officer
Tudor Investments

DTCC believes that the use of this tool internally will enhance quality assurance and pre-UAT testing within the GTR service, enabling us to improve the roll-out of our ingestion-related changes. Furthermore, the use of the tool by our Operations team will assist in resolving client queries as well as enhance the GTR client experience.

Chris Childs
Managing Director,
President of DTCC Deriv/SERV LLC

Risk Focus delivered excellent technical staff with deep knowledge of and insight into the operations and applications of Amazon Web Services, and strong governance and oversight of projects with effective use of AGILE methodologies. The Risk Focus team was able to quickly understand the complexity of our on-prem environment and apply their experience with other customers to guide our solution. Most importantly, the Risk Focus team created a strong partnership with my team to deliver the project.

Managing Director
Head of Development and
Application Support